In a world where everyone is running for success and technology is increasing, it becomes difficult to find joy and happiness in everyday life. It becomes a task to feel joy. But you can feel the joy by incorporating mindfulness and appreciation daily. We can attain contentment and find joy in the simplicity of life.

Mindfulness means to be fully present in the moment, understanding feelings, thoughts and sense of the present moment. This also includes attention to minor details and experiences that usually go unnoticed.
By focusing on the present, we can resist old thoughts and memories to cover the space in the brain. It helps to get fully immerse ourselves in the moments.

While Appreciation is a tool that helps us find absolute joy in everyday life, this involves recognising and acknowledging the positivity in our lives even when everything goes wrong. Rather than taking things for granted, one can develop a habit of being grateful for everything that will bring us joy and fulfilment. This plays a vital role in uplifting our mood and making it better.

Combining mindfulness and appreciation helps us to fully immerse ourselves in the moments and feel the simple pleasures of life. So one can have joy and fulfilment through mindfulness and appreciation.