Reclaiming your strength and energy are important to fight the battles in life. There are many opportunities that arise in everyday life to help us reclaim our energy.

Here are some tips to reclaim your strength and follow your dreams

1. Stay in the moment

When you find yourself straying in the past and future moments, catch yourself and make it stay in the present. Present moment would help you discover your peace and power.

2. Avoid the 24/7 always on lifestyle

Shut down all the lights and tunes in your life for some time. Make sure to turn off your mind as well. Don’t engage in a conversation with people who only want to talk about how screwed you are. It will only suck away your energy.

3. Participate in activities that keep you in the moment

Engage in activities that make you happy such as meditations, exercises, gardening, reading, running, swimming, walking in the woods or just taking a ride at the beach.

4. Meet up with friends who uplift your mood, support and make you smile and laugh

Stay away from friends who invade your space and covet your time. Such friends only suck up your energy and give you nothing in return. And it is not hard to recognise such people.

5. Live your own life

Stop doing, saying and becoming something just because others want to see or hear you do that thing. It would drain your energy to live a life that is being expected by someone.

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