Tossing and turning around in bed at night while gazing at your clock every now is normal. However, for some people restless nights are like a routine.

Sleep disorders related to anxiety have abnormal sleeping patterns which interfere with their physical, mental and emotional functioning.

If you experience sleeping disorders, see a primary care physician or a mental health professional. Sleeping medicines and cognitive -behaviour therapy are better treatment options. They help to identify and modify behaviours that cause sleeping problems.

For anxiety disorders, cognitive-behaviour therapy and relaxation techniques along with some medications are used.

Here are some more ways to treat anxiety related sleep disorders:

1. Meditate

Take deep breaths and let yourself lose in a serene setting where you’d feel at peace. Meditation is considered to be the best way to treat anxiety related sleep disorder.

2. Exercise

Exercises are an amazing booster for mental and physical health. It is a better way of letting out your frustrations and is effective for reducing stress and anxiety.

3. Play soft music

Soft music has a soothing and calming effect on the body. It operates in reducing blood pressure and relaxes your body and mind, in-turn giving you a perfect good night sleep.

4. Get enough sleep and make it a priority

Don’t stall your sleep. Sleep when you feel sleepy. Block out all the things to get seven to nine hours of full night sleep.

Sleeping energizes your brain further improving your focus, concentration and mood.

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