Birthdays are the most special days of all time. It’s one such day where you are the most liked person to everyone and you are having everybody’s attention and love. This is the time you cherish your existence and life. It is a regular day but yet there is some magic in it, it feels different. You are happy and you feel great about yourself. Birthdays are the most special times of our lives and you feel the most special person. Setting aside the 364 days, this is the one day you can totally call it yours and live that day the way you wish to. There is no need to have a big celebration, you can either celebrate it with your family or friends or you can just spend time with yourself and try to enjoy it on your own. It is a day when you are gifted by your dear ones and you are shown how much you are important to them and how much they love you. It is a day where you should be grateful for yourself and thank God for such a wonderful life.

There are many many reasons why you are the happiest on your birthday, few reasons are stated below.

  • It motivates you

Your birthday indicates that you are growing. It motivates you to be more responsible than your past days, helps you to motivate to outgrow from the past year. It motivates you to be a better person and to believe in yourself.

  • Reconnects you to yourself

It’s the time when you have to connect to yourself and enjoy your day of birth. It’s the time when you are supposed to reconnect and to strengthen the bond between you and yourself.

  • It brings you into the limelight

Definitely, birthday is a lime-light for a person and you are the center of attraction for everybody. People want to wish you, hug you, and give you blessings and gifts.

  • Gives you a chance to pamper yourself

It gives you chance to focus on yourself for a day and to fulfill all your wishes and to pamper yourself. Getting ready for your day, wearing new clothes, and pampering yourself with some self-care to shine for the day.

  • You get a lot of gifts and treats

The perks of a birthday are you get lots and lots of gifts and attention. It is the day when your friends and family will show you how much they love you and how you are dear to them.

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