Many people when asked to be honest about how they feel about cancelling a plan, at first, will try to hide the fact that they are happy to not be a part of a plan they were not interested since the start. But they will still show you that they feel bad about cancelling and its totally not in their hands, but it is! One may cancel on picnics of hangouts for many reasons. Sometimes you may be just tired or sometimes you may be facing a financial strain. All these legitimate reasons are okay since they are more considerable than a hangout plan with friends. But when you cancel on your friends because of selfish reasons, anxiety or just because you are lazy, that’s where the problems begin.

Your happiness is very much dependent on how much time you spend socializing and interacting with others. When you cancel a plan, you miss hanging out with your friends or family or cousins. You miss the laughing, get to know about each other’s lives, and remembering the good times. This is how you fail to be happy. Another factor that affects your happiness is when you cancel on a plan without any concrete reason, you basically sit home doing nothing or just spending an average day. Being lonely is not a thing that gives happiness. Moreover, since you don’t spend enough time socializing, your people skills become less than average. You fail to start a decent conversation or keep it going on without making it awkward. And this is an important aspect to be considered while asking for your crush’s number.

At first, when you don’t hang out with your friends, they don’t mind it out of respect. But when it keeps continuing all the time, they feel insulted and ditched. This is how you start to lose friends and without friends, part of your life is gone forever. That is how happiness is lost. Taking time for yourself when you are busy is necessary and no one can blame you for that. But when you just do it because you kind of enjoy it, your friends or family will be annoyed. And fighting with your loved ones is always despairing. So next time you cancel a plan it better be for a solid reason and makes sure you make up for it because you owe it to them!!