Criticisms can be a difficult thing because no one likes being told that they are wrong. However, it is not all bad if you give criticism a competitive edge for yourself.

Here are the reasons why it is important to embrace criticism.

1. Criticism motivates humility if you try to find truth in it. It is important to take a good look at yourself and your weaknesses. If you do it willingly, you’d be able to grow.

2. It opens the doors to new perspectives and ideas which you probably wouldn’t have considered before. You can widen your thinking when someone challenges you.

3. Criticism has a way of helping you deal with various problems which wouldn’t be possible if you feel sensitive, self-critical and annoyed with the one who criticises you.

4. You are able to discover many unresolved issues when you are being criticised, especially when it hits a sensitive spot. It helps you release that issue you have been knowingly or unknowingly holding it.

5. Criticism is sometimes useful even if it is expressed in a negative tone because it gives you the ability to understand other’s feedback which offers you an opportunity to practice rational thinking.

6. When relationships are being built on constant need for approval, it tends to get draining. With criticism you are able to challenge the people-pleasing tendencies that cross your way.

7. You are able to reflect on your insecurities when someone criticizes you. You can embrace it and try to improve yourself.

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