To find out whether you are a good fit for a company, employers tend to ask you a variety of questions. One of the toughest questions they might ask is, “Why should we hire you?”

Well, employers ask this question because they want to learn things about you and how you differentiate from other candidates. This question can be a challenge because you have to explain why you are the best person in the most humble and thoughtful way.

Although this question might seem a bit intimidating, you can prepare a confident answer by planning it before the interview.

Here are some examples that can help you craft a wise response during an interview.

  1. As a fresher I am adaptive and flexible to learn new things. I assure you that I am capable of contributing something to the growth of the company. I can be a good team player and can work with unison. I’ll work according to the guidelines and rules of the company.

I assure you to bring innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to your company. My top priority would be the success of your company.

2. I am passionate and have proven abilities of office efficiency in an organization. You should hire me because I endure good time management, coordination, and interpersonal skills. I am hard working and a quick learner with good grasping quality.

Additionally, I also have good communication skills and was an excellent orator in my college.
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