Sometimes, when you least expect it, you are motivated to try something new and alter your lifestyle. Motivation could be from a buddy, a shattered heart, an event, or perhaps a great artist. Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that something within you changed, and you were given the opportunity to change. Movies too have the magic to inspire us a lot. A worthwhile film is one that elicits a wide range of emotions and enriches your life. “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’’ is one such movie that will teach you life lessons. The 2011 released movie starring Hrithik Roshan, Abhay Deol, Farhan Akhtar, Katrina Kaif and others teach us how to be happy in life and appreciate the little things in life. This film understood our generation better than we did, which is why it will always have a particular place in our hearts. Here are a few points on Happiness to take from the movie ‘’Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara’.

Money can’t buy happiness

This movie taught us that money isn’t everything in life. Rather than being a workaholic and chasing after money, take some time out to enjoy the things that make you happy.


This movie has reminded us that You only live once and hence, one must live life to the fullest because of ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. When we truly accept this, we let go of the things that are holding us back from being happy.

Live In the Present

Laila teaches us one of the most crucial things of being happy in life. Through this movie, we learn how to live in the present and make the most of it instead of worrying fretting about our future because ‘Kal Kisne Dekha hai?’ When we start living in the present we start enjoying what we have right here and right now which makes us feel happy.

Have No regrets

This movie teaches us to do things that we really want to. This way we will never regret not doing it. Regrets often make one experience guilt which comes in the way of happiness. ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara’ teaches us to have no regrets in life.

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