Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves. They want to be recognized, validated, and put on a pedestal to be the best. However, years of research have shown that those are not the things that are supposed to make human beings happy.

You can be the most content person when you practice selflessness. Your experiences on earth become worthwhile when you do work for no reason rather than because you love it. When you spend your time with your family or a specific cause that matters to you. You should savor the simple pleasures and happiness of a good meal, exercise, reading a book you love, or just by looking at something that is beautiful to view. These things matter the most in life.

There are some things that are a deep and intrinsic part of nature such as money, fame, accolades, recognition, and fame. But they are heroin to the human brain. That is why, when you achieve them you experience a sense of rush in your system. However, this rush is temporary and empty and it demands more of such a rush.

When you let materialist and external things structure your life, it becomes as destructive as drugs. It results in failed relationships and passions. It would leave you wondering what went down.

You need to kill your ego and stop comparing yourself with others. Instead, do things that you enjoy, create work that you love, and spend time with people who make you happy.

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