The presence of self and mind is really important to be recognized and to achieve your best goal in life. When life tests us, we tend to lose parts of ourselves in the process, we tend to undermine our self-worth, peace, intelligence and confidence. In this extract, we shall have a look at the obstacles that might prevent us from being blissfully present.

1. Critically judging ourselves

In the pursuit of becoming that so-called “perfect” version set by the media standards, it’s important to understand that we are amazing, unique and great the way we are.

Critical judgment and being harsh on oneself is one of the biggest obstacles that could come our way from being fully present in the present. So stop doing it.

2. Overthinking

When we overthink, we tend to run away from the present circumstances thinking that we aren’t good enough at doing or achieving something. It unknowingly becomes an obstacle in our way towards living our present fully, so avoid it.

3. Stuck in the past and thinking overtly about the future

It’s important to move on from the past, to accept the past and bid goodbye to it. When we think about the past we tend to fear and face our present thinking about, “what if we got to face the same scary circumstances as we did in our past?”.

So it’s important to live in the present by moving on happily from the past, not being broken-hearted, taking your own time, healing is a huge process, you can do it, you are courageous.

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