What is happiness?

Happiness is not found but it is made. It does not depend on things you do or don’t have, but on how you make use of things and how you make use of time to make things happen. It all boils down to a few things are matter in life. And nothing else matters for happiness. Sometimes the simplest way of happiness is to create it on your own. Time and earning money has an impact on your happiness. But there are many other things rather than just that. One should focus everything on that itself and forget about other good things in life.

There are lots of things which are important to our happiness. Among them, Time and money play a huge role. Mismanagement of time and money may lead to a bad situation and you may lose peace and happiness. Money is inevitable you have it today, you might not have it tomorrow. One must not get stuck with it, as it might lead to bad influence and anxiety in life.

Here look at how much time and money make an impact on happiness.

Time activates more emotional mindset, compared to the economic mindset activated by money. Time and money are the two most precious resources of our life but doesn’t mean you should rely on it completely. Both can be saved, budgeted, waisted, and spent in the pursuit of life’s necessities and joys.

Both have instinct psychological properties with striking effects on human behaviour. Overall focussing time leads to greater happiness than focusing on money. Moreover, people enjoy more and found greater satisfaction by spending money. Similarly, people enjoy greater happiness by spending time on all good things. Money and time can maximize your well being.

Money and time should not be spent on material things. It will not provide much happier than if it is spent for good purposes.

It is a clear indication that money and time are good for your happiness and both make an impact on happiness.

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