The covid pandemic has led us to stay at home to curb the further spread of the virus. With restrictions imposed on travel, ‘work from home’ is the new normal. There are a lot of options available to women for work from home jobs. Here is a list of the most comfortable jobs women can take up for work from home.

1) Tutoring-

Technology has really simplified our lives and thanks to it, tutoring online has now become a thing. Even schools and colleges have resorted to online classes in times of covid. Online tutoring can be a great option for women. They can conduct tutoring at their own convenient time and within the comfort of their homes.

2) Social media Influencer-

Women can also opt for being social media influencers. This career has grown over the years and is one of the most successful ones in today’s times. Social media influencers are approached by big brands responsible for reviewing a product, promoting a brand, etc. They receive a commission for the same.

3) Data Entry-

This is another viable option for women to take up as a work from home opportunity. Data entry involves managing a very large volume of data that is fed into the company database or system. Daily entry operators have no shortage of opportunities in the market as there are innumerable employers wanting to recruit data entry operators. All you need is a computer, typing skills, and great internet speed.

4) Cooking services-

Women who love cooking can take their love for cooking to the next level and start home cooked tiffin service. Many people don’t find the time to cook meals for themselves after a tiring day at work and end up ordering food from restaurants. The home-cooked tiffin services turn out to be a boon for such people who crave healthy home cooked food.

Check out the most comfortable options for women to work from home.

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