When you have a crush, you experience all kinds of absurd feelings. You may experience tingles down your spine or a swarm of butterflies in your stomach as your crush walks by. Why give up these joyful feelings for not having a crush when you can only experience them when you do?

Your neurological system releases the chemical norepinephrine when you’re around your crush. This hormone increases the production of adrenaline, which makes your hands sweat and your heart race, among other hilarious emotions. When your crush is there, you tend to become more animated, chatty, and prone to saying embarrassing things since dopamine, a feel-good chemical, is also released in your body.

Crunches help you feel and make you feel more alive. It enhances creative imagination. When you are confined to the everyday grind of work, having a crush is a nice thing. When you first catch a glimpse of your crush, your mood instantly brightens. When you have romantic feelings for someone, you have no idea how they feel about you, which in and of itself increases the pleasure. Since you are aware that nothing is happening between you and your crush, there is no drama or clinginess involved. There is no chance of experiencing heartbreak because the philosophy of having no expectations is followed here. You’re content just to have a casual conversation with them in person or over text. The sensation is straightforward but lovely!

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