It is not simple to fight sickness, regardless of whatever one it is. Even before cancer manifests itself, a person is already dead. The line separating life and death is quite narrow.

As we all know, the aforementioned Lion of Punjab, Yuvraj Singh, has overcome cancer. Because he saw every challenge as an opportunity and enjoyed the ride, he has emerged as an inspirational character. In the year 2000, a young cricketer named Yuvraj began his international career. He quickly grabbed the admiration of many Indians, including cricket enthusiasts. He had respiratory problems during the World Cup, and testing after the tournament found a tumor in his chest. Like other people, he found it difficult to accept it because doing so meant giving up his ideal cricket career. He postponed receiving treatment as a result. He was emotionally and psychologically prepared to face his concerns in 2011. He traveled to the US for chemotherapies at his physicians’ recommendation. The following year, he went to rehab and underwent Ayurvedic treatment.

After overcoming the fatal illness, he eventually returned to pursuing his love and resumed playing Indian cricket. Yuvraj had dread during his cancer struggle, but he conquered it by maintaining an optimistic view of life. People were motivated by this young cricketer to believe that fighting cancer is one of life’s battles that forges you into a better, more courageous person for the future.

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