Happiness is mainly obtained through little things we do, but many times we tend to overlook and pay less attention to those little things and moments that occur in our life. Gratitude, a way of expressing your gratefulness, appreciation, and thankfulness to oneself, God, and the people you are surrounded by. When we express our gratitude for the things that we are grateful to have in our life; it makes our inner self happy without seeming obvious. In this extract, we shall have a look at why gratitude acts as a fuel for happiness.

Gratitude is the best way of expressing one’s gratefulness and thankfulness to others. When we say ‘thank you’ and appreciate ourselves or others for their deeds, it makes them happy and the shine of happiness that gets reflected on their face in return makes us happy, isn’t it? What do you think? Likely, when you appreciate someone’s efforts, be it big or tiny rather than criticizing them, won’t it make them happy? Yes, it definitely would! A happy environment gets created among both the parties and the giver and the receiver becomes the sharer of that happiness.

Not just that, gratitude is also a symbol of contentment. When you express your gratitude it is because you might have felt contended of what you have got, it doesn’t make you seem selfish rather it reflects the opposite of it. And when a person feels happy, content, and expresses gratitude about small things in their life it ultimately makes her/him happy.

Hence, gratitude is closely related to happiness and acts as a supplier and fuel for happiness.

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