If you have been meditating for a while now and are still unable to gain the benefits of meditations then you need to re-check your ways of meditation.

Here are some common mistakes you might make during meditation.

1. You don’t embrace distraction

Meditation is not to avoid the distractions or the noises around you but you have to observe them as they occur. It’s just that you shouldn’t get carried away with it.

2. You tend to seek escape in meditation

If you are meditating to suppress your negative feelings then you need to make some alterations to it. When you are engulfed with a strong feeling, observe it, let it grow and they will eventually disappear.

3. You do not try other ways of meditation

There are various types of meditations such as mantra meditations, visualization meditations, contemplation meditations, walking meditation along with many others. You need to try all of them and not just the breathing one.

4. You only meditate with external aids

Although various meditation apps and music are some ways of meditations that get you in a relaxed and concentrated state. But the main part of meditation is to face your inner thoughts on your own. It helps to develop proper insight and wisdom.

5. You might be doing the wrong meditation for your body type

Being uncomfortable mentally and physically is a sign that you are doing the wrong type of meditation for your body. Find the right type of meditation for your body where it feels comfortable.

6. You never learned the art of meditation

Before meditating, it’s better to meditate thoroughly in order to avoid any mistakes. If you are interested in mantras and visualization meditations then you can seek guidance from a teacher.

7. You have unrealistic goals

If you expect way too much from meditation then it is likely to drive you crazy. When you have unrealistic goals they prevent you from focusing on your practice. So have no expectations while meditating.

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