It is possible for pregnancy to go undetected and this condition is known as denied pregnancy. However, around 20 weeks of pregnancy, many women start to feel their baby moving.

Here are the reasons why a woman might fail to detect she is pregnant.

1. Irregular periods

Many women have irregular periods and it does not fall into the time frame of 21 to 35 day. They have only a few periods in a year and therefore going for months without a period does not raise any concern over a possible pregnancy.

2. Intermittent spotting

During pregnancy many women experience intermittent spotting which could be mistaken as light period. Hence, pregnancy might not be detected.

3. Zero signs or symptoms of pregnancy

When women do not experience any signs or symptoms of pregnancy, they do not realise they are pregnant. They do not have any low back pains, pelvic cramping or feelings of nausea. They feel normal like any other day.

4. No defined bump

Obesity is normal and even though a baby bump is much firmer than the rest of the belly, being overweight can camouflage it.

5. Denial

Due to fear or shame, many women do not prefer to acknowledge their pregnancy. They’d like to be in denial by convincing themselves they haven’t been exercising or that they are gaining weight.

6. Birth control pills

If a woman is on birth control, it would be hard for her to believe she is pregnant. Additionally, it also causes the periods to skip frequently and therefore might not detect it.
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