Our happiness lies within ourselves. The way we think, act and build relationships with others. When you have good control over these areas of life and alter it a bit, you’d be able to find your happy ending.

1. Control your mind

It is important to tame your mind because your thoughts express your feelings and you feelings are seen in your actions. You need to be self-aware and reset your thinking. Be more conscious of your thoughts.

2. Keep your feelings aside from your actions

Understand how you feel and ensure that you separate what you feel from what you do, because your actions are supposed to be separate decisions.

3. Stop comparing yourself with others

You need to bear in mind that there is always someone more successful, more accomplished and with more money. Find out the true purpose of your efforts and you’d be able to overcome comparison with others.

4. Give some time for yourself before you start your day

A lot of time thinking about what you want to do and how you want to spend your day before starting your day. Practice meditation, exercise and give some quiet time for yourself.

5. Listen even when you feel like talking

In order to be a good learner and a relationship builder, one needs to listen. It is important to listen rather than comprehending what you are going to say next. Giving your full attention to the speaker is a compliment in itself.

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