Although overthinking has its ways of showing how some things are important to us, it also has its ways of sabotaging things. If you are wondering whether introverts overthink, then the answer is yes, they do. It is believed that the minds of introverts are way busier thinking.

In one of the researches it was found out that the electrical activity was higher in levels in the brains of introverts than in extroverts. Whether the introverts were busy or resting, all the participants in the research showed that there was more brain activity in introverts compared to extroverts.

When there is high involvement of mental activity, it means that the introverts process comparatively higher information per seconds than extroverts. This explains why they overthink a lot. It also depends on which part of the brain is active in the introverts.

According to the studies of neuroimaging, it was discovered that two parts of the brain were related to overthinking. They are the frontal cortex and Broca’s area. These areas are especially very active in introverts. The functions such as remembering, decision making, planning and problem solving are carried out by the frontal cortex whereas the Broca’s part is related to self-talks, that is whatever conversations you have with your mind.

These activities turn the attention inwards and makes introverts focus more on themselves leading to overthinking. Introverts have a powerful mind and when they use their overthinking the right way, it can be the greatest asset for them in life.

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