The best thing to do in life to be happy and peaceful is to be present in the present. Here are the 11 mindful practices that would help you focus on the present.

1. Getting up early

Waking up early and taking deep breaths is the best way to start your day while giving a boost to your brain.

2. Listen to music

Listen to some relaxing music before you set out for work. Immerse yourself into the song where you can centre your attention to yourself.

3. Develop a habit of writing

Maintain a diary where you can write about thoughts and can reflect on the things that you have been through throughout the day.

4. Set off running

Set your adrenaline rushing as you run without the care in the world. Listen to the sounds around you and focus on your feet as they hit the ground.

5. Nature walks

If you are not a fan of running, you simply take a walk around the nearby woods. Focus on your breathing as you walk and listen to the tune of nature.

6. Talk to someone

Be present in the conversation and maintain eye contact as you do so. Listen to what others have to say as well.

7. Exercise

When you are at the gym, centre your attention solely on the exercise you are doing.

8. Hug or handshakes

Give warm hugs or handshakes to the people you meet today and make them feel special.

9. Eating lunch

As you eat your lunch, chew it slowly. Take in the texture, taste and temperature as you savour it in.

10. Follow an insect

If you see an insect, focus your attention on it. It is good to feel like a child one day.

11. Don’t do anything for five minutes

Keep your phone or newspaper aside and just sit down. Don’t even meditate. Embrace all the feelings and thoughts that come your way.

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