Love is often underrated. It is a powerful and transformative emotion that can make one’s life beautiful. True love helps you grow, and it’s the safest place where an individual nurtures, encourages growth. In contrast, in a relationship where you feel like you are losing your identity, then it’s toxic and not true love.

In a happy and healthy relationship, individuals compliment each other when together and support each other’s individuality. They both value each other and accept the way they are with their unique qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. Love should always empower you to bring out the best self, not make you lose your real self and suppress your desires.

When love becomes controlling, possessive, and obsessed, it erodes the sense of self. For example, if your partner always puts their demands in front of you, expects you always to understand, and lead up to their expectations, then you start to lose yourself. It is important to understand your value and not get manipulated. True love fosters an environment where trust m, communication, mutual respect, and individuality matter.

In conclusion, love should not force you to lose yourself. It should help you grow as a person and also in your career. And if you are in such a relationship, you should know to recognize this and step out before it gets worse.