It may be difficult to accept, but the idea that happiness is a choice has a lot of merit. Even while genetics and life circumstances play a part in your happiness, you have a lot of control over how happy you are. Of course, snapping your fingers and deciding to be joyful is unrealistic. You’ll likely feel more pleased if you bring awareness, thankfulness, and even playfulness to your day.

Here are some suggestions for increasing your happiness.

1-As soon as you get out of bed, begin exercising

Okay, first and foremost, use the restroom! After that, spend two to ten minutes stretching, lifting weights, or doing cardiovascular exercises. Put some music on and get to work. Use two small weights and a resistance band for fifteen minutes every morning.

2- Make a vision board or a few sheets of goals and quotes

Put them up in the location where you’ll be doing your workouts and read or glance at them as you move to cultivate an empowered mindset. You can include images, quotes, or thoughts in your post.

3- Journal of gratitude

Take a minute to write down three things for which you are grateful. This is a bare-bones need. If you have time, consider recording your daily intentions or making a list of the ways you feel the Universe has aided you recently. Even if you have twenty things to complain about, if there is one nice thing in your life, write about it.

4- Every morning, listen to something motivating and positive

There is so much free content on social media that you can take advantage of. Start a social media search to locate content that inspires you and motivates you to think positively and with purpose every day. No one enjoys being confronted with agony or the destruction that lies ahead of them.

Such, even when confronted with unpleasant situations, it’s critical that we reframe them so that they become a constructive challenge rather than a painful one. When we try this, it is not because we want to be irresponsible or avoid reality, but rather give us the chance of being able to embrace what we need to do with good energy and enthusiasm.

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