While you are looking for a perfect match online, creating a profile that perfectly captures your personality will be a great way to catch potential profiles. Remember, among thousands of profiles out there, yours needs to stand out to the correct person.

Here are some ways to help you find your perfect match online

1. Be upbeat

Focus on what you want in your bio, not what you don’t want. Avoid rambling and becoming aggressive. “I hope on meeting someone who is just as much into travel, after-work drinks, and couch snuggles as I am,” is an example of a profile that will attract a like-minded mate. “If you’re seeking for a hookup, I’M NOT THE PERSON,” for example, is a negative example. Your bruises are visible in these negative examples. Let’s concentrate on positive energy to help you attract meaningful partnerships.

2. Allow your images to convey your story

The first image should be a cool close-up, such as a fun headshot taken by another person. No filters – they can be deceiving, and you are stunning in your natural state. Smile! We all know that this always draws others to you. The second photograph has the potential to convey a tale about who you are. This might be you doing something you enjoy and showcasing your passions.

The images should be of you simply enjoying life, either in a social setting, at work, or with a small group of pals. Make sure you get a couple images of yourself from head to toe.

3. Let your guard down

We all know we live in an attention seeking society so try and let your profile tell your story. You can hint at activities you like to do. For example: ‘I love going for movies followed by delicious fast food’.

4. Be creative & show your true side

Be more clear about your interests. Instead of saying ‘I love travelling’, say ‘I’ve just returned from a week trip from Goa’. These small changes provide greater chances for interesting convo right from the first swipe.

5. Use filters to your advantage

Filters help you make the most of the information you add about yourself on your profile when you create it. These filters will add icons to your screen that represent aspects of your life that are particularly significant to you, such as your religion, political beliefs, and lifestyle preferences.

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