Many firms have adopted workplace wellness programmes as a method to boost productivity, keep them satisfied and engaged, and reduce employee turnover.

As a matter of fact, 75-70 % of workers who operate for organisations with strong fitness & wellbeing initiatives feel involved and cared for by their bosses.

The reason behind the successful workplace wellness programme is to promote general well-being while also having a great time. Your wellness programme concepts will soon lose steam if you can’t get your team on board. So have some fun with your projects, test out some fresh ideas, and see what your staff love the most.

Here are some of the best wellness programs your team would love

1. Work hours that are adaptable

Understand that your staff have lives beyond the job, so providing flexible schedules is the least you can do for everybody. Support their working time, whether they’re working remotely or at your business premises.

2. Lunch can be served to the workplace.

Grab lunch for your crew as a bonus for putting in the additional hours. Of course, keep it nutritious with salads, sandwiches, or a taco salad bar. You can also make it simple by sending in a fresh cup of coffee, online meals, happy-hour beverages, personalised presents, and much more to your workers.

3. Play games and hobbies that are enjoyable

Make your company an enjoyable place to live and work by inviting your staff to join in exciting interactive games. Allow them to re-energize and unleash their competitive instincts.

4. Organize a comedy show.

Get seats to a light entertainment comedy gig or consider inviting a stand-up comedian for a heart-warming giggle session.

5. Gratitude should be practised.

For the next three weeks, ask staff to write five things they’re thankful for on a shared Google doc’s spreadsheet. This activity will provide them joy and boost their overall health.

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