This everyday trap can prevent you from being completely joyful and fully appreciating the current moment. It’s referred to as the “If, Then Trap.” It’s a happiness trap.

The “If, Then” trap is described as follows:

1) If I can just finish this, I’ll then be able to sit back…

2) If I were home more often, then the baby would enjoy more…

3) If we had more money, then we would live a luxurious life…

Many people have a mindset that is filled with “if” and “then.” This mindset is frequently a major stumbling block on the road to success.

Why is it the case? People gain an advantage by trying something new. Going outside and participating in exciting activities provides them with a lifetime of experience and information in a variety of areas. Because no information is ever wasted, one never knows when their skills will be useful. As a result, those who are always prepared to go are more likely to be successful.

Individuals who are constantly restraining oneself by making excuses or engaging in discussions centred on if and then, they on the other hand, frequently miss out on some of life’s great chances. And without the essential teachings, these individuals lack the essential firm foundation that is required to be successful.

When a person uses an “if” or “then” phrase, they are restricting themselves from performing things that should be handled differently. As a result, people should take advantage of the opportunity to transform every “if” and “then” into something beneficial. Substitute “if” or “then” with “I should” and you will notice a great change in your life.

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