If you are wondering about the seven habits of the unhappy people, they are listed below. There are also some ways to fix them.

1. Waiting for clarity

Unhappy people believe that to do things that they love and be happy, they need to be aware of where they are going. However, such is not the case. You need to take action and do your best when you want to be happy in life with or without clarity.

2. Seeking permission from others

When you try to seek permission from other people whether you are on the right track or not, you are more likely to feel emptier. Stop seeking permission and you’d feel your inner wisdom grow.

3. Wanting to take big leaps

An unhappy person takes big leaps because he believes that happiness is in the future. You need to fix it by taking deep breaths and looking around to see the happiness that is available to you.

4. Taking thought seriously

Thinking has the power to make us happy and not the situation. You can try to fix such habits by thinking less seriously for some time.

5. Hoping for future salvation

It is important to eliminate the thought that reaching goals will make you happier. Notice what you are doing when you find yourself living in the future.

6. Keep faulty expectations

You need to observe how your expectations work in making you unhappy. Center your attention to the present moment and do the best with what you have.

7. Playing things safe

It is important to push your boundaries of comfort zones. First it might be a little uncomfortable but gradually the discomfort becomes comfortable.

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