Forgiveness is to forget a bad deed or a mistake for someone. It has the power to make you feel lighter and your heart and mind feel at ease. When you forgive a person, you work towards building strong and healthy relationships. Additionally, it also reduces your blood pressure, strengthens your immune system and improves your heart health.

Here are some of the reasons why forgiving is important in life.

1. When you forgive someone, you also forgive yourself

When you hold a grudge against someone who hurt you, it not only shows what they have done to you but also what you have allowed to happen. You embrace the process of healing and let go of the resentment and hurt when you forgive yourself.

2. You experience freedom with forgiveness

It is important to forgive because it helps you to look at the positives in a person while letting go of the negatives. Also, it makes you free to focus your energy on something or someone that brings about a positive emotional, psychological and physical growth.

3. Forgiveness helps you to move ahead on your spiritual path

You learn the art of forgiveness when you experience compassion. Feeling for others as you do for yourself helps you to put your past behind. It is important to practice this act of kindness to be at peace.

4. Forgiveness breaks negativity between you and the other person

You can forgive a person even without forgetting it as it is your choice. However, forgiveness is important to break all the negative ties with a person.
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