Every person has goodness in himself/herself. But to access that goodness to change your life, you need to follow some steps.

Here are the steps to access your goodness and change your life.

1. Choose goodness

Firstly you can choose goodness. This means making decisions in which you are fundamentally good and commit to that decision. This sounds difficult, particularly if you spent most of your life feeling the opposite. Begin by saying several times out loud, “I am good.”
Even if your emotions don’t approve, utilize your intellect and then practice this exercise daily. Sooner, your emotions will catch up.

2. Understand goodness

Being fundamentally good does not imply we won’t make errors. Every person makes plenty of errors, all the time. Being good indicates that we deserve good things in life, and we deserve love. With self-love, everything is possible.

3. Develop rituals

Give some time of your day to read magazines, meditate, read motivational books, pray, paint, volunteer for different camps, or regularly engage in any activity that will reminisce you and enhance your goodness.

4. Live boldly

Offer generously, give love unconditionally, laugh with your whole heart, and communicate openly. Whatever you do, give it your all. Living in such a way will strengthen your goodness.

The contradiction is that you cannot actually live fully unless you believe in your own goodness. If you don’t believe in your goodness, you will constantly question your judgments, your worthiness, the quality of your contribution in a particular work, and you will end up questioning other people too.

5. Dream big and dare greatly

When we concentrate on our struggles, we lose sight of the truly crucial things in life. On the other hand, when we dream big and dare greatly, we have no option but to believe in ourselves as we find paths to accomplish our dreams.

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