Studies have proven that sleep has a huge relation to happiness. But nowadays adults tend to have insufficient sleep due to various reasons. We are suggested to have at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night to have good health. Lack of sleep can have serious effects on your physical, mental and emotional well being.

Inadequate sleep affects your mood for the day, you are more stressed, frustrated and tired but good sleep can impact your health positively and can bring happiness to you.

According to certain research happiness of a person is related to sex life, job satisfaction, relationships etc. So how does sleep affect these factors that are related to happiness, read below.

· Stay healthy

Sleep has a huge impact on our health. Good sleep keeps half of our illness at bay. Sleep not only keeps us physically fit but also keeps our mental health intact and when you are healthy you are happy and satisfied. Therefore sleep is very important to stay happy.

· Look younger

Studies have proven that sleep is related with the health of your skin and it is termed as beauty sleep. Having beautiful skin is on everyone’s wishlist. A good sleep on a daily basis can give you healthy and younger-looking skin.

· More efficient

When you sleep well, you wake up more energetic and ready to go. But not having enough sleep will make you tired, exhausted and sleepy all day, this will affect your productivity and performance at work. So a sufficient sleep will make you more efficient and bring satisfaction.

· Better relations

Insufficient sleep will make you tired and bored. You might not be interested in spending time with your family, friends or even your spouse. You might easily get frustrated and irritated due to lack of sleep. You or performance in bed can be affected. So adequate sleep is necessary to maintain better relations with your family and friends.