What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is an African philosophy which is related to humanity. The common phrase referred is “I am because who we are”. Ubuntu was proposed by the former head of Zambian government, Dr Kenneth Kaunda. It is basically about humanism and social relations.

Ubuntu means love, truth, goodness, peace, positivity. Various words are used to describe the presence of Ubuntu, which includes, compassion, sympathy, generosity, kindness, sharing, harmony, interdependence etc.

Ubuntu as philosophy was earlier applicable in Africa. It has guided many African societies on how to interact with other human beings, nature and the creator. Ubuntu has guided and still guides many Africans, and also societies worldwide. This philosophy is used in software applications, films, politics etc.

How to grow from the philosophy of Ubuntu?

· In life

Embracing the philosophy can bring change in the way you live. It will help you become more optimistic, compassionate, courageous and confident. Following the philosophy of Ubuntu will make you more humble towards life and others. You become more social and respect other human beings. Ubuntu is the core of human values. It lends us so many values and ethics to live by.

· In business

Ubuntu focuses on the concept of ‘we’. When applied to business it can gain progressive partnership, activities and strategies that mainly focus on the growth of mankind. Every organisation follows a set of value. It’s human nature to think about self but a true human with good character will also think about others. Ubuntu teaches us to think about others along with us and we all are one.