Happiness is what everyone craves for. There are several ways through which you can feel happy.

1. Try something new every day.

2. Note down 2-3 positive things every morning.

3. Express your gratitude, be grateful and happy about whatever you get.

4. Spend your money on needy people, it will give you a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

5. Don’t compare yourself with others, be yourself, comparing only leads to disappointment but when you be whatever you are then you always become happy.

6. Smile more and more every day.

7. Think positive in every situation.

8. Meditate for someone time every day.

9. Listen to some good music, listening to music is a cure for everything.

10. Spend time with happy people.

11. Stay away from negativity.

12. Watch a funny video or watch a video that brings a smile to your face.

13. Take a small nap, it will make you fresh and if you are fresh then ultimately you become happy.

14. Compliment others, it will not only make them happy but seeing them happy will also bring a smile to your face.

15. Smell the fragrance of flowers from your garden.

16. Think about a happy memory from the past.

17. Repeat a positive mantra for some time.

18. Get dressed up and take some good pictures of yourself.

19. Talk to your best friend or person with whom you love talking with, it will make your mind free from stress and you will surely be happy.

20. Play with your pet if you don’t have any then play with a small kid.

21. Take a short walk on the lawn, it freshens up your mind and frees your stress, and makes you happy.

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