If you are struggling to maintain your calm and peace in this chaotic and busy world, then here are some ways that would help you achieve it.

1. Breathe

Taking deep breaths in and out works in stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system. It brings a relaxation response to your body and you experience a sense of calmness wash over you.

2. Imagine your happy place

When you visualize yourself at your happy place, your body starts feeling like you are present there and works in relaxing your hyped nerves. Your happy place can be anything such as an image of an ocean, a lake view, or just the act of playing with your pet.

3. Acknowledge, Connect and Talk kindly to yourself

If you want peace in life, you need to acknowledge your sufferings or struggles. Connect with people and remind yourself that you are not alone. Other people are also experiencing frustrations, anger and other stressful emotions. Ensure to talk to yourself kindly and positively.

4. Practice a sense of gratitude for what’s happening

When you practice gratitude, you embrace the state of inner peace. It is better to maintain a gratitude diary. Due to the chaotic situation, if you are finding it difficult to think about what you are grateful for, go ahead and start naming the things that are not happening.

5. Practice acceptance

Practice acceptance of things that are out of your control because resisting it can cause suffering and hinder your inner peace.
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