Frustrating life can make one sabotage their lives.

Here are 12 ways you can stop sabotaging your life and live a happy life.

1. Stop making yourself believe that you have to be just like someone else or match their success.

2. Eradicate the thoughts that wealth, looks, talent, intelligence and status are the reason for fulfilment.

3. Don’t judge yourself cruelly. Be a best friend to yourself and learn the act of forgiveness towards yourself.

4. Stop thinking that your happiness is dependent on how others feel about you.

5. Don’t go over and over your past mistakes and fear the failures that might come in future.

6. Stop pretending that you are just a machine. Take some time off and experience the joy of spirituality.

7. Stop saying yes to every request.

8. Stop thinking that achievement works in measuring your worth.

9. Get rid of the thought that you need to be perfect in order to be lovable.

10. Don’t be hungry for approval. Know your own power as a human being. Appreciate and encourage yourself. When you accept the fact that you are lovable, your need for approval can be tamed.

11. Stop thinking that you have no self-control. Go out and do some exercises, build up your skills or take up some rewarding activity which would help you build your self control in life.

12. Stop believing that asking for help is a sign of weakness. When you display vulnerability, it ignites compassion, friendship and support.

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