The movies that make you feel happy, the “feel good” genre is one of the best movies you can watch anytime anywhere. There are many classic happy movies as well as new and improved versions of them.

Here below are 10 such happy movie you can watch, that can instantly make you happy and uplifted in life

The sound of music (1965) Director- Robert Wise

   It is a classic musical movie which will make you happy with the melodies. Certainly a real-life story of one of the world’s best-known concert groups in the era, the Von Trapp Family singers.

Matilda (1996) Director – Danny Devito

     It’s about a girl named Matilda who teaches us to not think of others expectations and be yourself and also how studying is really important. Matilda, would never get old and she is such a role model.

Forrest gump (1994) Director – Robert Zemeckis

     Being a stereotypical movie,Forrest gump can never get old. It is just a happy and a motivating movie to watch anytime.

Legally blond (2001) Director- Robert Luketik

   Elle woods,being a classic girl makes us all want to work harder in life and how she comes up with new ideas

Love, actually(2003) Director-Richard Curtis

     The characters in this movie are so relatable and funny and a anytime watch daily life romantic comedy. This movie gives you a message that there is someone out there for everyone.

Despicable me (2010) Directors- Pierre Coffin,Chris Renaud

     Despicable me, the minions one of the most happy movie liked by many people. It’s about evil vs good, minions being the symbol of care-free happy people

Up (2009) Director – Pete Docter

The movie Up, is about a young wilderness explorer named Russell who is a spirited adventure freak and a old man named Carl and how they end up into different adventure moments

Pitch perfect (2012) Director- Jason Moore

Pitch perfect series is a teenage movie series where Beca is a College fresher joins an all-girls group and the fun revolves around it

Toy story (1995)  Directors- John Lasseter,Lee Unkrich, Josh Cooley

Toy story is an animated movie where there are talking toys and how they deal or get attached with their owners.

Inside out (2015) Director: Pete Doctor

Inside out is again an animated movie, explaining about the things going on in your head and how things change with some positivity in life.

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