Happiness is something that you ultimately do anything and everything for it. All the things we do relate to being happy in the end. But if this same happiness is somehow missing in your relationship, you immediately think of only one option and that is breaking up. But again, that is difficult too since it involves a lot of crying, being emotional, and sometimes even ugly fights. And there is no other choice, you keep continuing with the relationship even if you are unhappy with it.

Breaking up instantly can hurt both you and your partner. At first, try to analyse your feelings and find out the source of your dissatisfaction from the relationship. Try talking it out with your partner. Petty little squabbles can bring unhappiness too but that is not something you break up over. That is something you and your partner work on for the collective good. However, not all issues are small and some of them constantly remind you that this is not why you chose to be in a relationship with the person. You just can’t take the pain anymore and you give up on trying to maintain the relationship. When such a situation arises, holding back from breaking up just because you don’t want to face all the commotion and deal with your partner’s grieving is not a healthy choice.

Continuing in such a relationship only creates more fights and brings you more and more sadness. The longer you drag it the bigger will be the ruckus when you break up. Also, it is not just about how your partner will feel. It is also about your feelings and happiness. If you are compromising your happiness for the sake of a relationship, then it has already lost all meaning. You have to think about how you feel because you deserve to be happy. And if your relationship is making you unhappy then it’s best to end it for good.