The mantras of Jain, Vasudev and Shiva are known as Tri Mantra and since they are impartial, they are only for Indians. It is a belief that reciting these mantras benefits us greatly. They motivate people to pay homage to great men of Souls who have the highest elevation.

It is faith that whether the person who is reciting the mantra understands the meaning or not, they are likely going to benefit the person. However, the one who understands the mantra will benefit more.

It is not necessary to visualise any colours when you are reciting Namo Arihantanam but if you want to visualise then you should see the syllable of the mantra to gain good results. If you want great benefits then you need to go to a quiet place where you can shout it out loud and voice. Saying these mantras out loud will stop your mind and dissolve your intellect.

As per Dada Bhagwan, reciting these mantras five times in the morning while visualising Dada’s face would never let you down and you’d slowly gain freedom from the misery of world and final liberation.

Reciting the tri mantras is believed to have powers in lowering the impact of the coming external problems which tends to result in sufferings. In order to gain support from the celestial beings, it is important to recite all the mantras together as the mantras have celestial beings in them which can protect you.

The tri mantras have a great amount of energy as per Dada Bhagwan.

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