Fear is a natural reaction that serves as a warning to our bodies. Anxiety is a form of fear that is more concerned with worry and the future than with a present threat. Fear and worry become an issue when they become a trend in our life.
Here are some ways to overcome and conquer fear

1. Know more about your fear

This is the most difficult phase, but it is also the most important. You won’t be able to overcome a fear that is buried deep within your mind. You’ll have to confront it. You see aspects about your fear that you didn’t know previously when you turn toward it rather than away from it. This awareness will assist you in overcoming it.

2. Journaling

Try keeping a journal for two or three weeks to help you confront your anxieties and anxiety. Make a note of any patterns you notice. Make a mental note of everything that stands out. Writing down your fear patterns and symptoms might assist to demystify them. Most importantly, learning everything there is to know about your phobia provides you a starting point.

3. Breathe

Breathing is more crucial than you may realize. Short breaths are usually the start of worry and anxiety.
Stop and focus on your breathing once you’ve acknowledged that you’re becoming fearful. Inhale deeply, then gradually exhale. Exhale for a longer time than you inhale. This isn’t just a psychological ploy; deep breathing literally calms your body.

4. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a type of passive thinking that helps you become more conscious of your fears. You can overcome your worry and dread by becoming more aware.
Sit down and reflect on what is happening to you as soon as you see your fear sensations arising. Simply sit and observe yourself as the situation unfolds. Passivity increases self-awareness and keeps you from doing the things you normally do when you’re afraid. It assists you in breaking free from a routine.

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