Depression is capable of draining your energy, hope, and drive which makes it difficult for you to feel better.

Here are the 10 ways to feel positive and happy when you are dealing with depression.

1. Focus on self love

While dealing with depression you need to be patient with yourself and eliminate the standards of perfectionism. You need to remind yourself of all your good qualities.

2. Observe how your body is feeling when you are upset.

When you observe all the unpleasant emotions or sensations they start dissipating on their own.

3. Engage in activities to take your mind off things.

During depression, you need to participate in various enjoyable activities and spend time with yourself to stay in the present.

4. Listen to your inner child without resisting

Let yourself feel and express what you are going through. If needed, it is also okay to grieve.

5. Ask someone for what you want

When you feel down, it is better to connect with a friend or a family member and ask them for whatever you need.

6. Believe that all things are possible

You might not know how you will achieve your desires or how you will figure out everything, just tell yourself, there are high chances of possibilities getting unfold.

7. Be grateful for good times

When you observe that you are not depressed savour those moments and stay in the present. Also, be grateful for those moments.

8. Be productive

When you are not getting some important things done, you are likely to feel depressed therefore it is better to be productive.

9. Use visuals to drive out painful thoughts

You can visualize or imagine the negative thoughts floating away. This would make you feel lighter.

10. Let love flow in

Make place for loving people and healthy relationships. Remember you deserve everything good in life.

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