Meditation is a powerful key if you open the door to relaxation and tame the havocking busy mind. It functions in training your brain and makes you more productive while increasing the length of your life.

Here are a few ways of taming your busy mind and relaxing it through meditation.

1. Master your breathing

Find a comfortable and quiet spot and focus your attention on deep breathing. Breathe deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. If you find your mind wandering around, bring its attention back to the rhythm of your breathing. It will control your mind from visiting various thoughts.

2. Meditate daily

It might seem tempting to give up meditation after failing to settle your mind but consistency is the key. Make some time in your schedule to meditate for at least five minutes daily. Morning is always the best time for meditation and keeps your mind fresh and on alert.

3. Follow a mantra

A mantra is used in meditation to calm your mind while offering it something to focus on. Also, a mantra can be anything – it can either be a word or a phrase. You can use “I am strong” or simply “Om” for a mantra.

4. Walking meditation

Many people find it difficult to sit still and be alone with their thoughts. In such cases, walking through the woods while staying active is another way of relaxing your mind. Keep your phone away and solely focus on your present.

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