Whether you have remained close or distant with your mother throughout your life, she may be a part of your identity. Consider a few options for reconnecting if you’ve decided to work on your relationship.

Appreciate her contribution.

Recognize and appreciate your mother’s contribution to your life and how she has assisted you. This involves anything from providing food and shelter to teaching you lessons. Your mother could be interested in hearing about all of your treasured possessions.

Show her your appreciation.

Fish proposes putting your mother’s customs and principles into practice and expressing thanks for them. You can express your gratitude to your mother directly, in writing, or by giving her a gift.

Allow your mother’s influence to remain.

Showing your mother that you still value her advice and wisdom in situations you face can make her feel more needed in your life. Turning to her for guidance on a professional path, living arrangement, relationship, or parenting your own children, for example, might make her feel important.

Allow her to become a member of your family.

While it may be difficult for your mother to see you focus on your own family, enabling her to be involved in the lives of your children can help you grow closer. This could go beyond simply inviting her to hang out. You may also involve her in the significant family decisions, trips, and celebrations.

Make time for your mother to continue traditions.

While adult life might be hectic, setting aside meaningful time to spend with your mother can help you grow closer. Having her over for supper, planning a picnic, going for a stroll together, or assisting her with errands are all inexpensive choices to explore.

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