Although social media works in connecting you with people it also offers various platforms that triggers unpleasant self-disdain. The main problem of social media is that people tend to show only the best aspects of their life.

Here are some of the tips to achieve peace by minimising social media comparison.

1. Reduce your time on social media

Since we live in an era which puts high importance on social media it might be a little difficult to reduce your time on social media. However, it is not impossible. Set some five to ten minutes to access your social media account and then keep it aside throughout the day.

Stray away from the profiles, that triggers the bubble of comparison as it would only increase your anxiety and sadness.

2. Focus your attention on things that are important

You have less time to focus your attention on the meaningless activities on social media comparison when your sole focus is on the real world. Engage yourself in activities which make you feel better.

3. Identify where the negative comparisons are coming from

Even if the comparisons might feel unpleasant, to some extent they might serve a positive purpose in life where they tell us about various areas of life that may benefit us through some improvements.

It can also help you in developing a stronger sense of confidence and self worth. You learn to put higher values on your relationships and value time. You are motivated to do what you love.

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