Most of us will have times in our lives that are extremely stressful or even shake us to our core. Having good coping mechanisms might help a lot in stressful situations. You will be successful in being happy and calm when you intentionally make an effort to pay attention to what makes you happy and use the power of focus as a platform to confront and overcome your obstacles.

Here are a few ways to feel good during your bad times

1. Concentrate on what you have

Most individuals are more concerned with what is wrong with their life than with what is going well. Try to focus on what you have, as difficult as it may be, through difficult circumstances. Be grateful for what you have in order to achieve or exceed your goals.

2. Get enough rest

Getting enough sleep to boost your happiness may sound too good to be true. Sleep is a time for emotional processing and physical and mental recharging in preparation for the next day. Without doing so, one will lack the emotional strength to recover from their difficulties.

3. Confront negative thoughts

It might be tough to maintain calm under stressful conditions. Taking a moment to refocus and consider the broader picture, whether through deep breathing or going for a stroll, might be therapeutic.

Ask yourself, “What might I do to be more positive about this?” once you’ve calmed down. Put yourself to the test. Instead of focusing on the bad, consider other possibilities or positive outcomes.

4. Determine what you have no control over

Worrying over things over which you have no control can be extremely harmful to one’s mental health. Spending so much time on something you can’t change can make you feel overwhelmed or nervous.

It’s critical to recognise what you can and cannot control, and then to quit focusing so much energy on what you can’t manage. Instead, focus on making positive improvements in the areas of your life that you can control, and then expand from there.

5. Make someone else’s life a little brighter

Happiness seems to return to you in proportion to the amount you give out. How you treat and think about others, on the other hand, has an effect on how you treat and think about yourself.

Helping others, listening to others, and being uplifting and encouraging are just a few ways you may assist promote positivity.

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