Have you ever felt unable to process things and put your thoughts together? The reason for this is that your mind is already full of thoughts that may not be necessary and have cluttered your brain, and you feel over. And with so many things at a time, you cannot focus on one thing and come out with a decision. This makes you feel helpless. However, here are secrets to clear up your brain.

1) Switch Off Autopilot

Rather than being on autopilot mode, shift to proactive mode, which will help you be selective. Take time to understand what’s important and what’s not, and take action accordingly. This will help you be mindful and properly channel your thoughts and actions.

2) Minimize Cognitive Involvement

Rather than forcing yourself to store unlimited information, set a limit and choose what you want to store and what you don’t need anymore. Choose things as per your capabilities, and don’t put a burden on yourself. Make your big task easier by dividing them into different steps.

3) Manage Thoughts

Your brain is always thinking about something. So take a chill pill and let your brain relax. You can do this by either talking with someone you trust or writing it down all and freeing yourself from unnecessary thoughts.

4) Distractions

Analyze your distractions. Figure out what disturbs you. Then, cut out useless activities that may drain your energy unnecessarily. Reducing unnecessary tasks will help you focus better and feel relaxed.

5) Don’t Hold Your Emotions

Never stop yourself from expressing what you feel. With the rush of emotions, you can’t do justice to your work. Rather, communicate with people, express yourself, and be clear; this will help you feel better.