In a hectic society when our perceptions are often impaired, meditation provides a moment for calm and increased consciousness. Meditation, according to studies, has the ability to provide more than simply immediate stress alleviation.

Meditation provides an opportunity to improve both physical and emotional wellness for those who practice it. There is no “correct method” to meditate, so people can experiment with numerous styles until they find one that suits them.

Here are 5 types of meditation you can try out for a relaxed mind

1. Focused attention

Because it employs the subject of our breath to concentrate, stabilize the mind, and increase awareness, this type of meditation is pretty simple. Have you noticed your thoughts wandering? Just refocus your attention on your breathing.

2. Loving kindness

This strategy requires us to concentrate on the picture of various individuals, regardless of whether we know them or not, or whether we like them or not. We focus constructive force and kindness on ourselves initially, then on others as a massive impact, which helps us let go of whatever bad emotions we may be suffering.

3. Resting awareness

Instead of concentrating on breathing or visualization, this method involves allowing the brain to completely relax; things may arise, but instead of disturbing you and drawing you away from the current now, they gently drift away.

4. Visualization

This style of mindfulness encourages you to visualize something or somebody in your head, thereby substituting the breath with a mental representation as the center. It may appear difficult at first, but it’s no more difficult than remembering the image of an old buddy without exertion. It’s the same with meditation. We can not only watch the thoughts but also concentrate on any bodily feelings by summoning a particular vision.

5. Body scan

Our bodies sometimes perform one while our minds are somewhere else. This method involves completing a mental scan from the crown of the head to the tip of your feet in order to bring your body and brain into alignment. Picture a photocopying laser moving gently over your body, highlighting any pain, feelings, tightness, or discomfort.

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