The phrase ‘having a heart’ is frequently associated with being compassionate and understanding of others. When you say to someone, “Have a heart,” you’re asking them to be empathetic and sympathetic. It might be directed at oneself or at others. Having a heart is linked to love, compassion, and selflessness.

All cultures and religions have one thing in common: the heart is associated with love. This is interesting because competing and fighting are generally viewed as confrontational activities in which we put ourselves against an opponent. When it comes to true rivalry and foes, our toughest opponent is ourselves.

We discover the resolve to work in balance and our strengths are accentuated when we are willing to accept our flaws and view ourselves honestly. With such acceptance, we fight for something bigger than ourselves, and we do so out of love. Our internal nature develops from our ability to be fully present in the moment, as well as our ability to comprehend and accept ourselves.

Finding our own will isn’t the only thing that our hearts can do. The heart is the source of long-term motivation. Human willpower is what motivates us to begin a diet or go to the gym. It’s our hearts that keep us there. The heart is about love, and that should be the driving force. Knowing that we are fighting for what we love changes our lives.

The heart is what allows us to compete with our true nature in a genuine way. That is heart when we see true sportsmanship and people compete at a level well beyond their athletic abilities. It gives us heart to witness people who gladly lose and do so with all their might. Even failure has heart, as does the determination to accept it, learn from it, and try again.

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