At any time, anyone can experience sexual frustration but it is important for you to learn how to cope with it.

Here are some of the ways to help you deal with sexual frustrations.

1. Seek emotional intimacy

If you are experiencing sexual frustrations then you do not necessarily need to get intimate. In such cases, platonic relationships can help. These types of relationships can fulfil the void of emotional intimacy. It provides you with unconditional affection through supportive hugs and giving you the shoulder to cry on.

2. Exercise

You can get rid of sexual frustration through exercises. Exercises are a great way of eliminating the pent-up frustrations. You can either go for a walk or hit the gym to sweat the built up energy which is resulting in frustration.

3. Don’t blame you partner

In a relationship, it is ‘we’ and not them, so do not point out or blame your partner when you are feeling frustrated. You need to understand that people have different sexual preferences and just because you both are not going in sync, does not mean they are to be blamed.

4. Talk to them

Whatever troubles you are facing, you need to talk it out to your friends. You need to talk to your partners about sex like mature adults and deal with accordingly.

5. Initiate intimacy

If you are experiencing sexual frustrations then it is better to get intimate with your partner. Do not get upset because your partner is not initiating, he / she might be waiting for your cues.

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