Do you recall how easy life used to be when we were children? When your closest pals were the most significant people in your life. When a snow day was an excuse to have fun rather than a period of time when you felt guilty for being idle. If only you could bottle that sense of freedom, fun, and enthusiasm for the small things, you could keep it in your responsible adult pocket and sip it whenever you started taking things too seriously.

You can reclaim the best qualities of your childhood by seeing children’s innocence, having positive interactions, and rerouting the way you live your life, making things more simple, lighter, and pleasurable.

Here are the best ways to be childlike

1. Interact with youngsters to get ideas

Play with a child you know well and observe how they perceive the world. Children are full of wonder, innocence, and inspiration, and understanding their perspective on the world will help you connect with your own childish spirit.

2. Every day, you can learn something new

Try picking up a new book or going to a museum on the spur of the moment. Your childhood wonder will return if you allow yourself to devote time to learning new things, nurturing curiosity and excitement for new things.

3. Honesty is the best policy

A lack of embarrassment or shame is something that youngsters have. They are forthright and honest in their expressions. To try to do the same, allowing yourself to express yourself in a light-hearted manner.

4. Allow yourself to forgive as kids do

Children might argue one minute and then entirely forget about it the next, reuniting as friends. Bring your short-term memory back to life and forgive them as much as you can. Let go of your grudges and try to perceive people’s intentions for what they are: honest, real, and childlike.

5. Make an effort to be present in all you do

Exercise your ability to be present even if you are not engaging in any childlike activity, whether at work or in traffic. Children never look forward to the future or backward in time. Allow yourself to experience your authentic emotions, crying or laughing as needed.

6. Allow yourself to evolve

Children start life with a blank slate and are easily influenced by their surroundings, changing with each new encounter. Allow yourself to make life changes by following your hobbies and doing what you enjoy.

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