For so long kids and youngsters have been told and scolded by elders to go outside and play instead of sitting inside in front of screens and damaging their eyes and doing no physical activity. Lack of exercise only leads to gaining weight and increases the risk of getting sick. If you don’t do enough physical activity throughout the day, you won’t be able to maintain your sleep schedule since you won’t feel sleepy at night and become insomniac. There are many other reasons why outdoors is better than indoors and is directly related to our happiness.  Some reasons are: –

  • Reduces your stress level – It is difficult to deal with your stress levels if you continuously sit indoors and don’t let your anxiety out. A playing field can be a good place for us your excessive negative energy to hit the ball harder or kick the ball faster.
  • Good for your eyes – If you sit inside all day, you most probably will be spending your time in front on a TV or computer screen or your mobile phone. These screens are very harmful to our eyesight and hence spending more time outdoors can be beneficial to our eyes.
  • Gaining Vitamin D – Researchers and scientists have raised a concern that Vitamin D is found to be more deficient among the populations than any other. Our body’s primary source of vitamin D is from the sun. Spending sufficient time out in the sun can help you get vitamin D whereas staying indoors restricts that.
  • More deep sleep – When we sleep at night, we start by falling asleep lightly and slowly move towards deep sleep. This deep sleep time is only gain during night time and can be increased by exercising more in the daytime. Hence moving outside can be preferable to sleep better.
  • You will be more active – It is difficult to be active and energetic if you sit inside all day long. Playing outside or doing more outdoor activities can increase your energy every day and make you active. Sitting inside only makes you lazier and makes you procrastinate everything.

This is how being outdoors more often can beneficial to our happiness. We remain emotionally stable and our mental health remains checked. However, it is still suggested to stay indoors while this pandemic doesn’t get over.