Peace is an emotion that gives you complete control over your actions and keeps you calm and focused in everything you do. If you observe properly, young people are always disturbed and chaotic while the elderly people are free from all the stresses of life and they chill with a cup of tea. It is true that old people supposedly our grandparents are retired and now they have no work to do or any life responsibilities that can cause them any kind of unhappiness. But that is not all the truth to justify their peaceful way of living. They are not peaceful because they’re free of responsibilities and no longer have to do stressful jobs, they are peaceful because they choose to be happy and satisfied with whatever they achieved in all those years as adults.

They could have easily chosen to keep working or keep running the business but they get tired of just earning money and not being happy all while doing so. Once they get retired, they understand that there is very little time left to be chaotic and stressful and instead try to relax and remain peaceful. They prepare a base for their children and once they get settled, the elderly group takes a step back and hand over all the responsibilities to their son/daughter. They find happiness in spending time with their grandkids and spoiling them rotten. They spend their mornings taking a calm walk through nature and absorbing as much Vitamin D as they can.

They attend or join laughing clubs or other senior citizen clubs. They try to spend more time with their friends and this only keeps their mind away from the chaotic world. Being old is also a wake-up call to many of them to travel more. When a person becomes old, he/she realizes that they have seen nothing in this world since they spent their entire life working hard. Many of the old age people take world tors and religious trips to make some happy memories. All these reasons contribute to their peaceful state of mind.