Life is a roller coaster ride consisting of ups and downs. You’re off once you’re strapped in. You can either worry and be miserable during life’s journey, or you can relax and enjoy it. It is possible to choose to not be burdened by your worries. Sure, issues arise and disappear. But it is how we respond to these issues that define us. We can either take matters seriously or carelessly. Heaviness will not make your troubles go away; rather, it will intensify them. It is only when we set these worries free, we experience lightness.

Burden is a choice. Worrying rarely yields any solutions. The weight is lifted when we let go of our attachment to our burden.

Instead of being burdened by worries, there are ways you can get rid of it

1. Take a deep breath and pause

When you’re stressed, your breathing gets shallow, and your anxiety levels rise. Close your eyes the next time you feel overwhelmed. Concentrate on taking deep breaths from your diaphragm with one hand on your heart and one on your belly.

After each inhale and exhale, count to five. Rep at least 10 times more if necessary. This will lower your heart rate and provide your bloodstream a much-needed oxygen boost.

2. Journal it

When it comes to dealing with stress, journaling is a fantastic tool. Simply putting pen to paper allows you to work through your feelings and perhaps build a plan for dealing with them.

It’s difficult to put pen to paper when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Pick one or two items on your mind or concentrate on a particular feeling to make things easier.

3. Prepare ahead of time

Worry and anxiety are frequently caused by a sense of being out of control. Stay two steps ahead of the game by anticipating potentially stressful events.

Of course, you can’t do this with everything, but if you have a big meeting coming up next week, get some extra help or schedule some time to de-stress afterward.

4. Seek assistance

When you’re going through a difficult period, don’t underestimate the importance of leaning on loved ones. Seek assistance from your friends or family.

Working with a therapist can also help you recognize what’s causing you tension and anxiety, as well as build coping mechanisms.

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